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Spheroidal Graphite
  Purbright Castings is now using an independant laboratory to produce SG IRON test bar and metal coin certificates. This further demonstrates our commitment to quality and validifies our claims as one of the few UK based ISO 9001 ratified companies producing only the best quality Spheroidal iron for our customers.

Cast SG Iron Test Bar
%C %Mn %Si %S %P %Cu %Ni
3.62 0.10 2.85 0.004 0.016 0.03 0.01
%Cr %Mo %V %Al %Ti %Mg
0.03 < 0.01 0.02 0.022 < 0.01 0.02

MECHANICAL TESTS - ID 010609 in accordance with : BS EN 10002-1 : 2001
Type Actual Specification
Dimensions of test Piece (mm) 13.97 -
Yield Force (KN) 51.51 -
Yield stress (N/mm2)- rp0.2 336 270 min
tensile force (kn) 74.07 0.02
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 483 420 min
GL 5.65 vSo (mm) 70 -
EL (%) 21.2 12 min

SG irons have higher mechanical properties than a comparable grey cast iron with the same composition, because the carbon is in the shape of spheroidal graphite.

Subsequent cooling can produce a variety of matrix structures with ferrite and pearlite being the most common.

In comparison to grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite irons have higher ductility, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and resistance to elevated temperature oxidation.

Machinability and corrosion resistance are comparable to grey cast iron, though damping capacity is lower. Fluidity is lower than grey cast iron but better than steel. Download the full report and view our ISO 9001 certificate from our download area

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